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Change from the inside out

You're in the right place if you need:

  • Relief from physical pain or chronic illness (everything from headaches to cancer)
  • Healing from trauma, stress, and/or loss (betrayal, pain, fears, etc.) and feel your soul has been fractured, a part of it left behind
  • Clarity and direction, direct guidance and channeling of Spirit
  • Removal of limiting subconscious beliefs and help to move your attention to a higher level of consciousness with recurring issues
  • To know the future and how probable an outcome will be to an exact percentage

Every relationship you’ve had in your life was first created within you. There is the relationship you have with yourself, other people, your body, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, life events, success, health, wealth, pain, illness, everything you have (or don’t have) in your life.

You created the energetic pattern in all these relationships. You’re 100% responsible for creating it and 100% responsible for changing it if you wish things were different.

Once these patterns are set they are often hard to change on your own. You may have tried to move your attention to a higher level of consciousness, or tried self-hypnosis (which may have helped but not as much as you thought it would), you may have seen a therapist or hired coach after coach to get different results in your life. And you’re still not where you want to be.

You’ve been spinning your wheels trying to rationalize, think your way through this, and yet you can’t. Something else always takes your attention, distracting you from the anguish of not feeling peaceful and happy in your mind, body, and/or spirit, but it never lasts that long.

If you want to heal yourself and live in a higher state of BEing, you’ll need to remove these old energetic patterns within your body. Most people have stuck energy in their bodies and don’t even know it. You may be aware of this but you don’t know how to eliminate these stuck patterns of energy for good.

Truth be told, it took years for you to get to where you are and you need to stop wishing and hoping the pain will just go away. It’s time to set a new energetic pattern. Your evolution can be easy with the right support!

energetic alignment creates infinite possibilities

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Elizabeth was able to clearly see, feel and access the missing identity shards from my soul. I could feel her process deeply. She has a true gift! – Rachel Kirkland

My experience with Elizabeth has been REFRESHING! I feel filled with joy to work with Elizabeth to transform my life and energy. She has taught me specific tools I can use on my own when I need them. I am an ongoing client gaining clarity and higher wisdom, feel free to call me if you’re on the fence about working with her you absolutely will want to! – Monica Nielsen

Elizabeth is my secret weapon for healing. The pain from my chronic migraines is gone after working a short time with her. We’ve also worked together for me to gain greater clarity with making decisions. I was a skeptic at first but in a short time her abilities were evident. Worth every minute! – Susan Lopez

Elizabeth is SO easy to work with, she immediately made me feel comfortable and obviously knew her stuff. I was really impressed with the entire process of her work and how quickly and easily she perceived info about me. 5-star review for her healing services! – Steve Hissan

I’ve worked with the best of the best in the energetic healing world and I’m completely loyal to Elizabeth. Her gifts have created life-changing results for me health-wise. If anyone I know is seeking an increase in their health I recommend Elizabeth without hesitation. – Melodie Wald

Gifted and POWERFUL healer and psychic! She just blows me away…Every. Single. Time. – Jason McGrath

I’ve worked with several energy healers in the past. Elizabeth Engen’s Consciously Connected Method is, hands down, the absolute best! She took the time needed to immerse herself in my energy, auric field, and tune into her psychic senses. After that, she has been consistently surpassing my every expectation. 
She’s clear and concise with communication and I always get the result I intend when I work with her. I’ll continue to work with Elizabeth for a long time! – Keith Seargent

I was amazed to hear Elizabeth talk about how my husband was thinking and feeling in 3 years about a decision I want to make. She’s never met him but she just knew him. I was also able to understand more about my own fears, doubts, anxieties, and the thinking that has held me back in the past. I learned so much from her during the future probability sessions I’ve had with her and never hesitate to recommend her to anyone I know. – Jackie Wandamacher

It has been such a blessing to work with Elizabeth and to release core issues and trauma in my life that I’ve been dealing with since childhood. I felt so supported by her. She’s been accessible by text after our sessions to help answer any questions that have come up after our sessions. So glad I found her, now she’s my go-to healer! – Anita Perkins

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for a session with Elizabeth because I haven’t done any work like this before. My allergies have been horrendous the last few years, I wanted to work on that and found her method of healing is fast and effective. After a few sessions with her within a 6 month period I haven’t had any symptoms. Doing the happy dance. – John DeMarco

Elizabeth your power is astonishing! I’m so happy and honored to have had my own guidance leading me to you. – Dominique Herrera

Elizabeth Engen is a bright light on this planet and here to assist others to heal. Her method quickly and effortlessly gets to the root of the problem and does remote healing. We’ve worked together for both shamanic healing and psychic sessions and I walked away with clarity, wisdom, guidance, peace, relief, joy, healing, comfort, and love. Highly recommend the experience and work of Elizabeth. – Justin James

When I started working with Elizabeth I had sharp debilitating pain in my back and my doctor was talking to me about surgery. I can honestly say my pain is now non-existent after our healing sessions. I fully trust her abilities – we’ve continued to work together to get rid of childhood trauma and she’s helped to eradicate many beliefs that were no longer serving me. – Susanne Rouge

The first four months of my pregnancy were difficult, my fears surrounding my own health and the birth process of my third-born child were sky high. Elizabeth worked with me to get rid of the fears and wipe out old, negative thought patterns around that. There was trauma in regards to my relationship with my mother and I feel as though our mother-daughter relationship has improved and healed because of this work. Elizabeth makes me feel so safe, calm, and relaxed. – Jasmine Ercinca

I felt blocked with creating financial flow in my business and I didn’t understand why. The business has been operating for 9 years and I’m an expert in my field. Elizabeth was phenomenal in that she felt and sensed that the problem really had to do with the relationship with my wife and my own personal power within it. Things are getting better and better – not only the finances but the overall relationship with my spouse too. – Derek Singleton

Everything around me has a different lense, my interpretation is different. – Val Hemminger

“Very grateful! My body feels good, I’m feeling calm, centered, and very connected.” – Clarissa McPeck

After my future probability session with Elizabeth I am feeling lighter emotionally, less stuck, and like I’m vibrating at a higher level. Amazing process! Thank you for this and the healing work we’ve done. – Justina Worley

Working with Elizabeth was my very first experience with energetic healing. Going in to our session I wasn’t sure what to expect but I wanted to stayed open to any results I might receive. Elizabeth explained her process and throughout our session told me what she was doing, this helped me feel very safe and comfortable. I found my session to be quite restful and very easy. Elizabeth was a perfect guide and wonderful to work with. Within a few day’s our session I experienced a “flow” of creativity and self-trust that felt delightful. I highly recommend Elizabeth and look forward to working her her more in the future! – Jess Burns Connery

Have you ever wondered why you've had pain or illness?

Learn more about why and the specific process used for healing

Elizabeth is the author of the book Consciously Connected: Stories of Quantum Healing of the Mind, Body, & Soul. The book is a depiction of the Shamanic healing work she has done with clients, each chapter has three important components. The first is the client’s perspective or story and why they have come to her for healing. The second is the specific psychic information and skills used to help heal each soul. The third is a channeling of Spirit – Spirit’s message or information about each event or healing for that individual, at times it is given during the session and other times it is afterward.

One of the stories is about Josie, a client that came to Elizabeth and wanted relief in two ways, one physical, and the other mental.

During the session, the client explained she had tremendous pain whenever she was intimate with a partner. The pain was evident for Josie before losing her virginity. The sensations were so intense she had previously sought out physical therapy to learn how to lessen pain during times of intimacy. Her physical therapist had told Josie that she had never seen someone with such a high level of pain that had not been sexually violated.

Josie did not remember any sexual trauma in her lifetime so during the session she intended to find out if she had been sexually assaulted and to heal the physical pain.

Elizabeth energetically aligned with Josie and used her clairsentience to feel wherein the body she felt pain. She also used her clairvoyance to look at the energetic gridwork of the body to assess whether any holes were present (a clue that it is a previous life issue) saw there were some holes. The holes were located in Josie’s diaphragm, stomach, throat, and pelvic area of her grid. Elizabeth also saw a flash of the client at age 11 in Uganda with her father. The young girl’s private parts were mutilated by her father, a common cultural practice. The girl was traumatized – she knew that it was a ritual in her culture this was what was done to girls but she didn’t like it. It was painful and she was trying to yell. The girl knew her father loved her but still hated this was being done to her.

At that moment in the session, Spirit was speaking to Elizabeth by saying, “This is where the pain stems from. When she was in Uganda she knew it was a cultural ritual for girls and that her father wasn’t trying to harm her. She feels safe with her father but also traumatized. She isn’t communicating her distress.”

Josie was relieved to hear that it was a previous lifetime and now she knew what had happened, there weren’t any more doubts. She felt grateful Elizabeth released the mental, emotional, and physical pain that she had stored for over 300 years.

We all can carry previous life events with us that was traumatic. The Consciously Connected Method can identify any traumatic experience or event and help to heal it.

Another powerful healing story is about Karen, a mother of three who lost her middle child at the age of 5. She was deeply saddened and grief-stricken. Karen was interested in working together for a soul retrieval session in order to gain back missing pieces of herself that she felt were left behind due to her child’s illness and death.

More about this coming soon…