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There are many concepts, in my opinion, are not understood and can reach equivocation on the management of online reputation. Some people think that simply monitor social networks, others who have something to do with public relations and others literally still have no idea how good or bad online reputation can affect business and sales.

In this article, we will explain the role of online reputation management in business and the media. Any company of any size can benefit from having a clear outline of the main concepts.

Tips On Online Reputation Management

Make Yourself Respect

According to business experts, trust is a perishable commodity and it is difficult to win. Make people respect you yourself and your job is one of the most important tips on managing online reputation I can give you.

Earning respect and admiration of your users or customers will make your cash register ring more often and harder each time.

Transparency & Clarity

After years of hiding the criticism, McDonald publicly forced their egg suppliers to raise the standard of living of the chickens, according to a request from the Association for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Monitor What You Are Saying

Apart from the above reasons to monitor your reputation online, monitor social networks can also generate business. There are currently thousands of users asking questions via Twitter or Facebook, in its assessment process of whether or not to buy that or another product or service.

Quick & Educated Reactions

If a customer complains via Twitter, for example, a fast and simple message ” We are aware of the problem. We are working on it and we will contact you as soon as possible “, it is better than a delayed response in more detail.

This way you get time, a precious commodity when you have a person who is unhappy with your product or service. It is vital to contact that person as soon as possible to determine the problem and fix it.

Manage Reviews

In 2009, John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, talk sent the Wall Street Journal an opinion on the Obama health reform, which caused a dispute between WF clients. Two days later, the company declared and acknowledged that there were ” many opinions on this subject, including people within the company itself ” and invited everyone to share their opinion on the matter.

Trafficking 1st Page Google As Your Business Card             

The first impressions count, and many entire books only judge by the cover. Your business is no exception if the words ” scam ” or ” thieves ” are associated with your brand on the results of Google, it’s something you have to worry about.

Understand Your Detractors

A critical may be the opportunity to learn more about your audience and develop a more optimal message for the future. The controversial announcement of Motrin had many critics. He was not born of competitors or illegitimate attackers, but from users who were Motrin target audience, who felt offended by their promotional content.

Fight Back if necessary

Sometimes you just have to fight against certain illegal behaviors. In 2009, Domino’s Pizza employees posted videos playing nasty with food in one of its restaurants and were dismissed and arrested.

Another example is people who publish false information. Sometimes if you do not attack them and their demands, they can do it again. In the case of Taco Bell. For those who are not familiar with this chain of Fast Food, Taco Bell is a franchise of fast-food restaurants specializing in Tex-Mex cuisine. The leak of a photo on social networks of one of its employees licking tortillas sparked controversy.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Sony learned one lesson from online reputation management in 2005. The company implemented the copy protection (XCD) on all CDs, which made them appear software vulnerabilities that many malware could exploit. Instead ahead and recognize their mistake, critics and squandered Sony lost millions in class action lawsuits.

Ask For Help If Necessary

If your efforts online reputation management are not sufficient to protect or restore your brand image, you always have the option to seek help from a professional such as Premier SEO Ninjas: Minneapolis SEO Experts.

What advice on how to manage your online reputation do you like best? Do you know any crisis if you want to share? Do not hesitate for a minute and encourage you to comment and share on social networks.