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Premier SEO Ninjas’ Systematic Web Traffic Analysis Helps Businesses Improve their Revenues

Businesses have been partnering with Premier SEO Ninjas for many years now to protect their investments by making sure that the traffic generated by their inbound online marketing campaigns are of high quality and not the result of click fraud, malicious visitors, bots, and data thieves. Premier SEO Ninjas takes pride in its commitment to serving its clients by employing very thorough analyses of the quality of traffic that are generated by both organic and paid inbound marketing campaigns so that companies will be able to maximize the dividends on their investment and put financial resources on campaigns that bring high quality targeted traffic.

Not all business organizations realize the impact of a thorough web traffic analysis in their bottom line. Many believe that as long as there are visitors to their website and that their paid advertising campaigns are landing visitors where they’re supposed to go, then there is clearly no need to invest in a service just to analyze data that can already be performed by Google Analytics.

Regrettably, not everyone understands how the parameters on Google Analytics as well as the other online traffic data analysis tools can have exerted their effects on the bottom line. Premier SEO Ninjas – Minneapolis Search Engine Optimization does.

Being a Google partner and holding certifications in Google Analytics and Google AdWords Shopping, Search, Display, Mobile, and Video, Premier SEO Ninjas has been at the leading edge of this innovative service by carefully analyzing all the different metrics that help define website traffic. These analyses enable business organizations to gain a full understanding of what is driving people to their websites and whether these are legitimate visits or are generated by bots and other unscrupulous activities.

The fundamental issue is on the quality of this influx of visitors. Businesses must feel confident that the number of visitors and engagements monitored and recorded by the website’s visitor counter is an accurate representation of the actual number of real people paying a particular interest in the site and what the business has to offer or provide.

While business organizations are beefing up on their traffic and lead generation strategies, often allotting huge sums of money for these inbound marketing activities, some competitors may employ unscrupulous activities that can mislead a particular organization into thinking that it is indeed generating the kind of traffic that it expects to see. However, there is a big question within the organization as to why, despite this increase in traffic, only a few are translated into leads, and even fewer number gets converted into sales. If the business organization is spending millions of dollars on its digital marketing campaigns, then it must expect that these measures will translate into substantial dividends or returns on their investment.

Pay-per-click advertising campaigns are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and lost financial resources. These PPC ads require companies or business organizations to pay a certain amount for every click on their ads that have been posted on certain websites as well as in search engine platforms. Unfortunately, a click does not automatically mean a lead or a sale. In fact, among the numerous clients that Premier SEO Ninjas have worked with, nearly half of their PPC traffic were generated by bots or by people living in third world countries. Even companies that are targeting ads in a local demographic region, they have found a large number of visitors from overseas countries. Despite the number of visitors generated by these activities, only a few are ever converted into leads, and fewer still are converted into sales. As such, there is a huge imbalance between the amount of fiscal resources put into the campaign and the amount of sales generated by such campaigns.

Web traffic analysis requires the careful scrutiny of different parameters to determine which aspect of inbound online marketing activities is making a huge difference in the company’s bottom line. These campaigns can then be enhanced further to help increase the number of opportunities for lead and sales conversions.

Premier SEO Ninjas has been phenomenal in this aspect, something that other web traffic analysis providers cannot guarantee. By using their unique understanding of how internet traffic works and how unscrupulous activities can take many forms, they can pinpoint exactly where the business must focus on so they can create more responsive marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to bring in the much-desired results.

Being a member of the top Digital Marketing Mastermind Groups; Elizabeth Engen, Principal, and Owner of Premier SEO Ninjas, is in the best position to help businesses analyze their web traffic data with the goal of empowering the business organization to devise a plan to optimize their digital marketing efforts. Being ingenious is the all-important reason why Premier SEO Ninjas is the best partner of any business organization.

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