Elizabeth Engen – The Consciously Connected Method

The CONSCIOUSLY CONNECTED METHOD Delivers Healing For Your Mind, Body, and Soul

The Why

Today nearly everyone suffers from some type of illness or disease. Elizabeth defines health as a state of being where there is no dysfunction in the body and the mind is peaceful and happy. Many go through life not realizing how impacting our daily experiences are on our minds, bodies, and spirits over the course of a lifetime. The common occurrences we experience from birth to death can have traumatic effects on our body. Even negative contact with others can determine our overall health. Our mental, physical, and spiritual health begins in a mother’s womb.

Emotions of fear, anguish, and anger directly influence our body in negative ways.

Emotions create energy. This energy has to be released or processed in order to prevent emotional blocks.

Think back to when you were a child. How often did you get silenced for speaking out? How often did you feel no one listened? How often were you taught not to speak until spoken to? These forms of directing children cause unworthiness, insecurity and the sense of unimportantance. These are emotional energetic pains, which left unaddressed, can remain in our body manifesting symptoms. If these symptoms are not addressed in the early stages, they can become severe – leading to cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, insomnia, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

Psychology has uncovered more about human relationships in the last 50 years than any other time in our history. The inner search for understanding of how we function as human beings has produced valuable findings about our emotional intelligence. Missing, is the link between the cerebral memory and the cellular memory, however; our bodies remember and keep the score.

Energy of the emotion is stored and held in our minds as memory and by our bodies as physical tension. As long as we have control of the tension, symptoms may not be apparent. Our mental and physical strength can mask underlying suppressed anger, fear, or grief. As we get older and more pressures are applied, we grow tired and control weakens. The suppressed emotions rise to the forefront creating a pain or physical discomfort which we cannot ignore.

Our minds play a powerful role in our ability to heal. Our inner gridwork of thoughts, such as: “ I don’t deserve to be well”, “I’m not important enough to be well,” or “It’s going to take too much work to be well,” eventually manifests in the body. Thoughts, emotions of trauma, accidents, losses, and fears have a definite impact on our health. If we ignore our body and its signals, in the long run what may have begun as a simple strain gets much worse (like an untreated cut getting infected).

Many may not even be aware of the harmful thoughts inside their mind. Depending on the “relationship environment,” which includes your primary caretakers (parents), spouse, siblings, friends, or any other group you associate with, one may not feel safe enough to access or process the emotions.

The denial of our emotions creates a situation where we have to hold on or control our responses. This creates two types of energy;

  • One comes from the energy of the originating emotions and
  • Two stems from suppressing those emotions over a period of time.

We exhaust our innate warehouse of energy dealing with past emotional struggles, let alone new ones.

If this is you a clue would be that you are ill most of the time. You would have chronic problems such as low back pain, headaches, constipation, skin problems, obesity, general pain, sleep problems, which if not taken care of soon enough could lead to more severe

People who go through life following all the rules and doing what their family or society expects of them, tend to continuously put aside what their internal needs are and create chronic physical difficulties. They put on a mask for all that see them as a person who is well put together and happy. They may even tell themselves they are happy and life is just going along and it should. Because life is fluid and not always constant, people find themselves frustrated with change. In order to feel safe and solid they create a stern behavior and rigidity in their thinking. This stabilizes the illusory world they have created until something traumatic happens to shake the world apart.

Typically a controlling person has little to none emotional fluidity, they harbor insecurities about how they handle the world around them. This reduces the scope of their lives which may only include home and office, without extra activities. Controlling patterns within parents often restrict emotional outbursts of children. Therefore, children learn to stifle expression, instead of learning how to communicate their pain in a healthy manner.

As we mature we become more and more aware of our emotional range. The healthy expression of emotions is a tool that allows soul growth. Without practice using our emotional tools, we cannot master them. When we watch a tennis player in a tournament, we are witnessing a mastery. The tennis racket has been used in a variety of ways, along with many hours of practice, to accomplish a high level with personal success. Our emotions are similar, when we learn mastery of our emotional range. This gridwork of emotions includes learning how to express emotions, process them in a healthy life promoting way, and gain respect for others who are learning about life through the flow of their own emotions. This in itself is a complex process.


Elizabeth created The Consciously Connected Method to heal this discrepancy between the body and its stored trauma. She sees stored emotional energy within the body like matter using her clairvoyance. Elizabeth’s Method shows the gridlines of other connected people, places, memories and events to the trauma. She utilizes The Consciously Connected Method to pull the gridlines, transmute (or release) the matter, and all energetic associations for total mind, body, and soul healing and alignment.