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Complete Multidimensional Readings

Within the Shamanic Community there is an organic way to give a psychic reading and it is called “energy melding.” Many empaths do this without conscious effort or desire, but it is an incredibly important skill to learn.

Essentially, melding energy is when you are living from your multi-sensory/multidimensional body instead of limiting yourself to your physical body. From here, you link to the energy of another. (It includes remote viewing and shape shifting) However, it is not limited to any particular form because energy in itself is formless. 

In a way it is similar to what some empaths may experience when they feel everything another person feels. However, the difference comes in honing and developing this ability. The melding may happen easily. Yet, it takes practice to learn how to communicate clearly what you are experiencing.

At a master level, this form of energetic integration from one form (this does not just have to be human to human) to another is imperative to understand and utilize. You become so used to living completely in your non-limited, multidimensional, multi-sensory “body/form” that you can move in and out of bodies with ease, fold in and expand out of shape or dimensional form, and you can traverse back and forth within the space-time continuum at will. 

Being able to do readings in the multidimensional space takes an extremely high level of spiritual integrity required of a soul when a person begins to enter and meld into the energy of another. It is held in a very high honor and done with the utmost love for the individual in which one is melding with.


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