Elizabeth Engen – The Consciously Connected Method

Master Level Remote Viewing and Timeline Shifting

Master Level Remote Viewing and Timeline Shifting

Using multi-sensory perception of clairvoyance to SEE inside another form, clairsentience/clairscentrist/clairgustiance to FEEL/SMELL/TASTE what is going on in another form, clairaudience to HEAR what spirit has to say about the health of another form, and claircognizance to KNOW where there may be energetic blockages within the body is an incredibly powerful tool.

By ultilizing the full tool belt of activated psychic senses Elizabeth opens up an entire new way of understanding holistic health and processing energy.

Make no mistake, EVERYTHING is an interplay of energy exchange, so her ability to psychically scan the energy within and around the body is paramount to understanding the full scope of health within a person’s body. Then the integration of extra-sensory perception (psychic senses) gives a multi-dimensional perspective on the total wellbeing of a person.

Astral Travel

This process is done by using clairvoyance to project a person’s sight outside of their traditional 3-D view and into a third person omniscient perspective. This is the first thing Elizabeth does in each reading.

Remote Viewing

This is the clairvoyant process of moving internal sight into another form. In the shamanic community this is often called Second Sight.

Shape Shifting

When remote viewing is performed with not only clairvoyance but with all the psychic senses combined it is called shape shifting.

When a person shape shifts into another form they become that person or thing. For example, Elizabeth does not have a sense of smell, yet when she shape shifts into the earth or an animal, she has a sense of smell because she has melded energetically with the form.


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